Netflix defends 13 Reasons Why

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Since the first season of 13 Reasons Why is the series under fire. The series would young people turn to dangerous behavior, and the American interest group Parents Television Council (PTC) claimed even that Netflix the series offline. Nevertheless, there is a third season of the hit series. Netflix director Reed Hastings to let you know try all opponents to silence: “You hóeft not to look.”

Katherine Langford played the lead role in season 1 and 2 of 13 Reasons Why. The actress has let us know not to work on a third season.

Hastings acknowledges that 13 Reasons Why is a controversial series, but he sees no reason to stop with the series. ,,We are an on demand service,” he explains to the Daily Mail. ,,And we are pleased with the possibility for a third season. The series is hugely popular and successful. Viewers feel really connected.”

And that last is the reason why 13 Reasons Why so much commentary. PTC fears that understand that commitment is dangerous. “It is a ticking time bomb for children and teens that the series look. If you watch the series watch while you are depressed, you feel afterwards certainly not better. If you don’t have to suffer from depressed feelings, then the series for”, let PTC director Melissa Henson previously know.

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