Monument for Mrs. Bok

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Corrie van Gorp will receive a permanent tribute in the Oude Luxor in her hometown Rotterdam. Fellow entertainer Richard Groenendijk is the driving force behind the group, a kind of installation in which the career of the charismatic artist (75) is exposed and the costume of her most famous character created Mrs the Goat central.

It is very nice, can tell he is already while he was just the maillot Mrs. Bok from the sop. “My mother has her purse stuck. The large brown jacket I have to the dry cleaners, the man was quite nervous when he heard where it was. It’s a kind of crown jewels, eh?”, according to Groenendijk (45).

Not that he well immediately as chairman of the Corrie-fan club is, ” he says. “But we were together last year in the program for the centenary of the Luxor. It was very special that they were there on the stage was, because in fact she wants nothing more. We shared the dressing room. We have really the whole day on the box, sit down and talk.”


Then realized Some of that Van Gorp, who are triumphant at the side of the greats Wim Sonneveld and (Mr. Buck), André van Duin, actually simply and quietly stopped, after a combination of problems. “That touched me. We are in the Netherlands so good at it, people forget. Write off, we do that here, so like, in contrast to many other countries,” grumbles he.

Groenendijk decided not to leave. “I asked: do you have that costume yet? Yes, that had they still are. In the bicycle shed. Now that comes in a beautiful and well exposed, professional design. Because we are not really museum, hear! ” He says that Van Gorp immediately already wanted to that Of Dune, also in the tribute was concerned. “She is too modest, eh. She finds it difficult to accept that it is only about her running.”

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb reveals the installation Wednesday. Van Gorp deserves it all for the full one hundred percent, Groenendijk: “Corrie is so very of the people. And entertainment, there is sometimes looked down upon, but nothing is so difficult.”

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