Mindy Kaling frustrated by her ’tired’ appearance

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Mindy Kaling is not sleeping as well as she would like since she is the proud mother of her daughter Katherine. The Oceans’s 8-actress is now spending much more attention to her appearance and daily care, than they did.

Mindy Kaling

“Since I was a baby, I am much more concerned with the care of my skin. I just want less tired look,” says Kaling to Bang Showbiz. “I now have a complete roadmap to my skin as beautiful as possible.”

The actress is aware of the fact that all of these products may also have unpleasant side effects can have. “I had searched or a special serum that I use for my eyelashes to grow, the color of your eyes can change”, explains the actress to Cosmopolitan. “Apparently, that really for some people.”

Mindy is also still not completely happy with her weight, which she left earlier this month to know in The Ellen Degeneres Show. “When I was once visible was pregnant, am I really going to eat, but I just felt like it. I could everything on the pregnancy and the hormones throwing. But that new diet I haven’t really changed since I gave birth to ben. It’s just not normal to not get pregnant and yet, on a Tuesday, a birthday cake to eat, despite the fact that your birthday is not.”

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