Lily Allen is afraid of intimate performances

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Lily Allen finds it much easier to for a huge mass on the need to act, than when they are for a small audience to sing. The singer finds it especially difficult to make everyone happy.

Lily Allen

“I find it so much easier to communicate with a large audience, in an intimate environment. I really have a problem with intimacy,” explains All to Stylist Magazine. “If someone asks me to now to act on behalf of 100,000 men, there is nothing to worry about, but if I must do so for ten man, I really a huge problem.”

“If I feel that someone is not satisfied, I get scared and panicky. It can make me totally not care if I have a whole bunch of angry create. I have, of course, prefer that everyone loves me, but that does not mean that in the future I my opinion for me please.”

Despite its success, claims the singer hardly to earn money with her career. “It is really very difficult to make money with music. People don’t buy albums anymore, and thanks to my contract from 2005, I also have no revenue from all streaming services. I have wondered where I have it all to do.”

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