Kim Jong-un arrived in Singapore

34f88e52596baf223f9881902807123c - Kim Jong-un arrived in Singapore

SINGAPORE – The North-Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is Sunday in Singapore landed, reported local media. He is as the leader of his stalin-ruled country have not been so far from home. Tuesday he has in the city-state held a summit with the Us president Trump, who 14.30 (our time) in Singapore is expected.

Trump and Kim Jong-un will talk about the nuclear program of North Korea.

Kim is, according to media reports arrived in a Chinese Boeing-747 and not with his own private jet. That is a very old Iljoesjin-62, a type of plane from the time of the Soviet Union in the years 1963-1995 was built.

Kim Jong-un was received by the minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, Vivian Balakrishnan. The minister tweeted a picture of the handshake with Kim in the plane.

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One of the vehicles from the motorcade that Kim Jong-un would be transporting.

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