“Jennifer Lawrence is very happy with new love”

dc3120755b089fb3fb71d5c60f02cf24 - "Jennifer Lawrence is very happy with new love"

The 27-year-old year-old Jennifer Lawrence is very happy with her new sweetheart, the six-year-old Cooke Maroney. Reports that a source at Entertainment Tonight, after the two are spotted during a dubbeldate in a restaurant in Manhattan.

Jennifer Lawrence

“They hugged each other the whole time and were clearly very at ease with each other. The love splashed there from”, let the source know. “She really is very happy and has nothing to hide. This seems to be the real deal.”

Previously the Hunger Games actress and Maroney also all together spotted during a walk in New York. “She laughs like I have never before seen laughing with earlier boyfriends. There is so much chemistry between those two. They have been together for a short time, but they do all the early love is still a secret to keep.”

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