Italian minister wants ports to close for aid agencies

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The new Italian minister of the Interior and leader of the far-right Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini, wants organisations that boat refugees help to prevent have to dock in Italian ports. A first boat would have been to have the country no longer inside.

‘None of these vice-smugglers may still arrive in an Italian port, ” says Salvini Saturday during a meeting in the Northern Italian Vicenza. Today, he repeated his plea under the motto ‘close the ports’.

According to Italian media got a first boat had no permission to be in Italy at the dock. The Aquarius 629 migrants on board would be to the Maltese Valletta are referred. Malta says, however, nothing to do with the action, and declines the request.

On the basis of which the boat is prohibited to moor, it is not entirely clear. So it is not yet known whether it is an isolated case or a precedent. Salvini has in principle no control over the introduction.

The past few months, the new deputy prime minister Salvini ngos have often been accused of complicity with human traffickers. Also the other Italian deputy prime minister, Luigi di Maio of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, expressed all criticism on the ngos, but he was more moderate in his language.

Since Italy and Libya last summer, a controversial agreement locks, the number of arrivals of refugees in Italy dropped by 75 percent. Since the beginning of this year 13.500 people in Italy arrived.

Tuesday meets Salvini his European colleagues in Luxembourg. At the top of the agenda of the meeting is the discussion of the Dublin rules.


Partijboegbeeld Salvini is just a few days after the new Italian government is already in campaign mode. Later this month, means Italy elections.

Salvini announced at the meeting of Saturday, also, that he as soon as possible want to off of migrants without a residence permit. ‘The beautiful life of illegal immigrants is over, they will their trunks can pick it up”, it sounded from the mouth of the Italian deputy prime minister.

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