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IOTA soon on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets available? Development on the final straight

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As the developer, Peter Willemsen reported on its website, has made the development of the Software for the support of IOTA on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets very far. A publication is but the earliest, with publication of the IOTA Trinity Wallets, which will probably be at the earliest released in two months, in a first Beta-test version.

The developer, Peter Willemsen has on its corporate website code of the reported in a recent Blog Post about the progress of the development for the support of IOTA on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets. With the completion of IOTA should be able to on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets to store and manage.

Willemsen reported in the current Post that he has completed in the last month two basic functions. On the one hand, he has the API (application programming interface), on the other hand, the signing of transactions (also part of the API) programmed. Thus, all of the important functions that we need, in his view, is “done”. Now a large number of automated Tests, as well as minor bug fixes in the signing of transactions are, according to Willemsen.

The Integration of IOTA is to be implemented through the not-yet-published IOTA Trinity Wallet and not about the Light Wallet. Willemsen, the function as following: The user loads the Trinity Software, and can use the IOTA Trinity Wallet according to your needs. Once a Ledger is to be connected to the PC, the Hardware Wallet, whether the user wants to use the Trinity Wallet or the Ledger.

Finally, Willemsen says:

This is probably the last development report, before we go into the Beta.

In view of the fact that Willemsen has published the last Blog Posts approximately monthly intervals, we suspect, that the publication of the Beta-test version of the Ledger Nano follows the Integration in a couple of weeks.

The IOTA Trinity Wallet

This date could also coincide with the release of a Beta-test version of the IOTA Trinity Wallet, which is planned for no earlier than 6 to 7 weeks after the completion of the audit.

The IOTA Trinity Wallet is an Alternative to the IOTA Light Wallet, which was in the past greater criticism. The Trinity Wallet therefore, for many IOTA followers the hope of a more user-friendly, secure and simpler solution in comparison to the IOTA light wallet. The beta test of the Trinity is to be public and available both for Android as well as iOS be available for free download.

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