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Intelligent and mobile Mining, and Cloud-Sharing platform “modules” wants Mining to revolutionize

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Japan is well-known currencies, for his enthusiasm for Crypto, and is a leader in the early adoption of technology Metrology developments. If in Japan something New and Exciting in gear, there is a very good Chance that it will be popular around the world. For this reason, it is useful to keep companies like “modules” in the eye.

Modules crypto-Mining, and Cloud-Sharing easy for everyone and accessible by removing unused memory is used on millions of mobile devices for crypto-Mining, and P2P-Cloud data.

Your System eliminates the energy-intensive PoW Algorithms (Proof-of-Work) that require special Hardware and maintenance, and be replaced by their proprietary Proof-of-Space-, time -, and transaction-algorithm (Post).

Users are rewarded for the amount of space that you share, the length of time which is occupied the memory space, and the number of audited transactions. Virtually every smartphone owner has the potential to be a crypto-Miner. The CEO and a Director of the company, Toshiki Tashiro says:

Modules tried, the monopoly of the mining in the crypto-currency world due to decentralisation to break open, by mobile. This will also make the Mining more environmentally friendly. The more people in the Ecosystem to participate, the more powerful and more efficient it will be. For this reason, we have commissioned ICOBox, the leading provider of SaaS solutions for the implementation of ICOs in order to inform us about the project. They have helped companies around the world with your ICOs and know how to implement this exciting technology outside of Japan.

The UX-friendly mobile App will also offer DAPP solutions and even give users the ability to create your own Apps for the App and Android Stores. The platform will offer an innovative new type of cloud-based data storage with client-side encryption and “Secret-Sharing” capabilities.

This means, the sensitive information is encrypted, and in fragmentary information to be divided, which are then stored in various separate locations on mobile devices.

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