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In Montenegro, three luxury sold homes for 420 BTC

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Three luxury apartments in Budva, Montenegro, a country in southeastern Europe, were sold for 420 BTC (3.2 million USD). According to Vijesti, these luxurious Apartments are located in Zavala and in the complex “Dukley Residence”. This Region is very popular for its tourism.

According to the Executive Director of the Astra Montenegro Investment Association (AMIA) Nila Emilfarba and the notary’s office, the living spaces have been sold for about 420 BTC. Dukley Gardens is preferred currencies, there is also a part of Budva, the Crypto. Emilfarba says the Deal was the biggest for the Nation and the company have brought to the dealer in Budva, crypto-currency standards to recognise. Despite the ability to buy Land, have Emilfarba and AMIA, the Beach Lounge Restaurant, Dukley Inn and the Dukley Marina moved also to acknowledge to BTC.

AMIA stated the following:

“What we have here is a brand new clientele. People who originally wanted to buy real estate, have to pay thanks to the Option in BTC to be done. Our company is the first real estate company in the Region that believes in crypto and crypto currencies accepted. Worldwide, as in Europe, the real estate-buying with crypto-currencies is still very limited, so the young people decide to buy from us. Furthermore, this enabled the entire sales process quick and easy to complete, which is a further advantage of the technology.“

One of the customers of the luxury apartments is a 25-year-old Frenchman, the Deal was observed from Budva officials. The buyer was led by Pantovićs law firm and the law office of the trade representative Prelević through the sales process and the entire System was quickly completed. After the signing of the official papers and the exchanges of the BTC, the crypto has been converted to currency quickly in the Euro. Will this change the real estate world? Only time can tell.

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