In Home they are with their time

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Tina Maerevoet got with her character Paulien in the Home is a story about ivf treatment. Paulien hopes so pregnant. A storyline that was ten years ago, not in the Home on offer would have come, thus The importance of the province of Limburg. “The screenwriters are indeed with their time. Since Paulien treatment underwent, it strikes me how many people have the same experience or have experienced. People at me to say: “Paulien has a lot of abdominal pain, I had in the beginning.” Suddenly tell people and finally the treatment, while ivf is still often taboo. Nice that I have such a fraught topic with the discussion. Last, they asked me even to come and speak at a lecture on ivf, but I’m not the perfect person for it. I’ve become informed for my role, but that does me no professor.”

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