Human chain for a referendum to enforce

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SAN SEBASTIAN – more than 175.000 people Sunday in the Spanish Basque country the street again to a human chain of more than two hundred kilometers. With that action, like the Basques, their requirement for a referendum on independence to make it known.

The newspaper Diario Vasco reported that the activists a chain was formed, made up of the coastal town of San Sebastián to the Basque capital Vitoria. In Vitoria, las Angel Oiarbide, one of the organizers of the demonstration, a manifesto for. He said that the Basques themselves about their political future would be able to decide.

The Spanish government argues that referendums of the Spanish region’s independence is illegal. On October 1, held the region of Catalonia, a referendum on independence. The Spanish government proposed to Catalonia then, under the supervision of Madrid.

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