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Google’s crypto-advertising ban, according to the financial sector, unfair, and immoral

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Google’s Cryptocurrency-advertising ban will occur this month. However, it is still questionable, which is why the company made this decision.

Google’s advertising ban constitutes all of the crypto currencies

According to a recently published report, Google follows with the prohibition of Social Media giants such as Facebook and Twitter. The ban could be due to Phishing, fraud and other Cheating.

As the main factor in the decision, the strong demand for ICO’s is seen, which, unfortunately, is part of fraudulent activities. Commentators question, however, whether the company goes in its role as a neutral source of information with this decision.

Ed Cooper, the head of a start-up for mobile digital Banking called the Revolt, said:

“It is unfortunate that legal crypto currency companies that offer the investors with useful services, will be in the Mix. This ban is a blanket ban on.“

A Fintech lawyer named Gareth Malna, working in a British law firm said:

“The decision of Google to act in this area almost as a Regulator, in the face of enormous corporate power is an obstacle to progress,” added Gareth Malna.

Google’s decision is immoral

Almost every Tech company is planning the launch of Blockchain-technologies or even their own crypto-currencies. Some even consider the possibilities of self-serving intentions behind the crypto-prohibition.

Philip Nunn, CEO of the Blackmore Group, a Manchester-based investment company, said in an interview with the Independent that Facebook and Google would switch despite the insistence of customers to View other deviant’s pages.

He said:

“I think the ban takes place, so that the platforms can invent in the future, their [own] crypto-currencies. By Exposing crypto-Map you can work so on their own terms.“

Recently it became known that Google asked last month the Ethereum founders, with some projects to help out. This is a clear sign that Google is quite on this industry.

David Marcus, head of Facebook Messenger, that he was responsible for the management of a Blockchain-group for the company. A crypto-currency expert, wrote an article in the Independent, in which he regarded the ban as potentially immoral and ill-conceived.

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