Former blonde sex bomb reveals that they are not in Hollywood dared to live

Kathleen Turner, once considered as Hollywoods sexbom, has revealed that she has always avoided to be in Hollywood to attend, because they are not wanted there to be abuse of her would be.

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Kathleen Turner in the movie Prizzi’s Honor with Jack Nicholson

“I felt contempt for women in Los Angeles. It made no sense. Why would I want to live in an environment that made me kleineerde?”, she tells The Daily Telegraph. Instead, it was the actress settled in New York. So prevented them ” a lot of the shit that women had to endure’.

The actress believes that she is still lucky that her film career as soon flourished. “Therefore, I could not be misused as so many young actresses, who were hoping to opportunities.” The fame of Kathleen Turner, who came in 1977 as a 23-year-old received a role in the sexy thriller Body Heat. “It was a blessing, because I got a leading role and therefore no longer had to suffer under the roofdierengedrag of men.”

For a long time she was considered a real blonde sex bomb, with roles in Romancing the Stone and War of the Roses. Although they themselves did not like to be seen, she feels simultaneously flattered by the title. “It frustrates me that I, forty years after that film still as a sexual icon is seen. I’m long ago over come.”

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