Even more disagreement on the G7: Japan, too, committed not in the fight against plastic waste

In the fight against plastic waste in the oceans refuse Japan and the U.S. and the other G7 countries to follow. According to the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau want to be the two countries there is not a concrete commitment by 2030 to ensure full recycling of plastic.

It was not expected that Japan would refuse a concrete commitment. The German chancellor Angela Merkel had earlier announced that only the United States does not agree. ‘The united states are, in principle, for the protection of the oceans, but they wish to have no measurable objectives, ” says Merkel.

Of the G7 countries, the united states is the largest contributor to the plastic pollution in the oceans. Worldwide, China, Indonesia and the Philippines, the main culprits.

According to the European Commission, Europe produces annually about 26 million tons of plastic waste. Only about 30 percent of which is collected for recycling, the remaining 70 percent ends up on landfills, in incinerators or in the environment. In the EU disappears, is estimated to 500,000 tonnes of plastic waste in the sea, worldwide, that would amount to 13 million tonnes.

To the oceans to protect, the EU has a ban on disposable products as straws and wegwerpservies placed on the table.

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