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Ethereum’s crypto kitties collects $ 12 million

1972b6c4bfe92ee5a14786f35640f0e2 - Ethereum's crypto kitties collects $ 12 million

The developer team of the game, crypto kitties, that is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, from its parent company. For the further development and position of the progress $ 12 million was secured through a follow-on financing.

This Tuesday (20.03.2018) announced crypto kitties, that it will leak out of the canadian company, Axiom Zen, and in a further financing round of a total of 12 million dollars has been collected. Two large ivestoren the führere Facebook Investor and VC Investor Andreessen Horowitz, as well as the Twitter lovers of Union Square. Both of them are involved, among other things, on the American stock exchange Coinbase.

Crypto kitties is an App based on ERC-721 Token, and the purchase and sale of digital cats. Through the Hype in December of last year, it came to short-term Overloads and Token sales have been delayed in the Ethereum network.

In this case, it is clear that the scaling problem of Ethereum, in times of hype and the growing interest in the block chain technology to its limits can encounter.

Since the release, until today, the App has more than 1.5 million users. So far a transaction has reached volume of $ 40 million through the purchase and sale of crypto-cats. The most expensive cats were traded for a value of more than $ 200,000 in the last year.

Crypto kitties will have in the near future, 20 members of staff and wants to bring the block chain technology in a simple playful way, closer to the people.

In January, Axiom Zen with, like, Garfield had done developer, Animoca Brands, in order to publish crypto kitties on mobile devices in the Asian region, including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Two weeks ago, crypto kitties is started with an IOS Beta App, which is limited provisionally to about 5,000 privileged users.

The company goes on to state that games such as crypto kitties even skeptical people can be the entry into the age of the Blockchain allows, and also will allow.

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