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Elections on the Ethereum Blockchain: Swiss city of Zug shows

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The city of Zug is regarded as a block chain innovation Hub in Switzerland and number 1 stop for Crypto in the world. As the first city in Switzerland to be carried out at the end of June municipal elections, to be held with the help of the Ethereum Blockchain and stored.

Approximately 200 residents of the city of Zug, who had previously registered for the pilot project is to perform a test run to elections. Local media run this (freely translated):

The small Advisory vote is to use the eID System of the city, which was set up in November last year and currently has about 200 users. The voters can vote on your Smartphones by downloading the existing uPort-App to register.

Train was introduced last year a new oath System that the citizens of a train in a pilot phase, which began in autumn last year, the Teilahme the program allows you to digital access services. This System gives the user full control over their data through the use of a decentralised database.

This System is intended to be used for the proposed test selection phase. For the choice of a Blockchain is created-based digital ID that is provided by the company Uport. Uport describes the registration process as well as the actual vote for the election as a simple and user-friendly (freely translated):

After Downloading the Uport Mobile App is a Zug-based citizens registered in the Blockchain its Uport ID on the Ethereum. This is the globally unique identifier is the public address of a Smart-Contracts, which is referred to as a Upport-Proxy Contract.

After that, the participants need to enter their personal data and with the data from the remote database to verify. Once these registry and Verizifierung of all data is completed, the participants are entitled to moderate their voice in the electoral process.

Through the use of block chain technology as well as any security or manipulation concerns can be completely eliminated, since the Blockchain takes over all further steps, such as the documentation and storage of data.

The following Video shows have to go through the Verfikiationsprozess the potential participants.

Train Demo No Commentary 11-19-17 from on Vimeo.

This important milestone shows the diverse application possibilities of Ethereum, so that a city government can allow its citizens a digital Verification of your citizenship. We are looking forward to the implementation and actual results of this pilot project.

The course of Ethereum suffers, as the entire crypto market a setback due to the sudden onset of the Flash Crash last night and is at the time of writing in 480,79 euros, thus recording a decline of – 6,56%. With a market capitalization of close to EUR 48 billion Ethereum currencies continues to be seen 2 of the greatest Crypto in the world.

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