Cruel to animals does cat Sprotje in hot oven

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Kortrijk – Cat Sprotje from the Belgian Kortrijk has horrific moments during a heavy assault. A cruel to animals used the animal first as a football and as if that wasn’t enough, was still a young kitten in a oven of 200 degrees stopped.

That writes veterinary practice Overleie, where Sprotje heavily battered, was brought in, on Facebook.

According to the Belgian newspaper The Latest News has Sprotje fifteen tense minutes in the oven spent. It happened during a party. One of the partygoers would Sprotje have saved it and under the shower. A day later, the wounded kitten to the vet. The police are investigating the case.

The cat was, writes practice Overleie, by a brave bystander out of the situation saved the day.” Initially, they were the vets, afraid that the boy would not survive. But miraculously, it seems the cat is still a chance at recovery.

Burns and blisters

Sprotje hit on one side of the bodice shot with “large open burns”. A large part of the burnt skin will, according to the vets, still have to die. The kitten can barely walk due to the heavy brandblaren on all four feet. In addition, lose the animal had “a lot of protein and blood through internal bleeding and is, therefore, very weak.”

Game for Sprotje

Sprotje will still be weeks, maybe months, a lot of wound care, infusions, medication and dressing changes is needed. “We estimate the costs around 500 euros”, writes the practice. The cost for the recovery of Sprotje to be able to afford the veterinary practice since Friday night, crowdfundingactie started.

And for those who are not digital can or wants to donate is on the counter at the practice, a game for Sprotje.

Already 8000 euros raised

The action has already over 8000 euro was raised and the counter is still running. And that while the care of some 500 euros will cost. Belgium is massively involved with the abused kitten. The excess will be transferred to the animal shelter in Zwevegem, and possibly to other good causes.

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