Congolese opponent to come in woningbrand, presumption of evil intent

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The Congolese activist Luc Nkulula (33), one of the driving forces behind the citizens ‘ movement La Lucha, in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the life with a fire in his home in Goma. Report that Congolese media Sunday.

Supporters of Nkulula make mention of malicious intent. There are therefore voices for an international investigation to ask about the exact circumstances of the fire and the death.

‘We believe it to be a crime. There was a Saturday night no electricity. There was also not cooked, because the incident happened around midnight, ” says Espoir Ngalukiye, a militant of La Lucha on

According to Ngalukiye lived Nkulula together with his sister, who at the time of the fire in the house. ‘Nkulula has still some valuable documents past the window to the outside can throw, but could not escape the flames.’

Excluded from elections

In the capital, Kinshasa, the National Assembly, meanwhile, almost unanimously, decides that the Congolese who live abroad, not allowed to participate in the presidential elections of 23 december. Then a successor will be elected for president Joseph Kabila.

According to minister Emmanuel Ilunga, in charge of Congolese abroad, their number to be about 16 million. Many of them support the opposition, and let this also be seen on social networks, or during demonstrations.

The Congolese abroad were also allowed during the previous two presidential elections of 2006 and 2011 did not participate in the presidential elections. Slightly more than 40 million Congolese are kiesgerechtigd.

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