Commentators world cup, prepare for tournament

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The world cup is coming. In The Morning, ask one of our voetbalcommentatoren or she’s a WK prefer with or without the Belgians? “Such a tournament is no less exciting or fun as the Belgians go home,” says Peter Vandenbempt. “And it is a lot easier: then you of those endless analyses and that blowing up of little things.” Peter is doing six races for the tv, “and the three of Belgians do, I do for the radio along with Eddy Snelders, my hard analyst. It is the attention that I radio and tv did not change. On the radio tater you constantly. On television, you should remain silent.” All is Filip Joos did not agree. “That the moments of silence the quality of your comments will determine, I think, outdated. I think that we in Belgium do well.”

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