Castings is not more in private rooms and houses

LOS ANGELES – The largest U.s. labor union for actors and the four major television networks have agreed to auditions not more in private rooms and private houses to take place. The measure should decrease the chances of actors to be sexually abused during castings.

The measure follows on the outrage that has emerged after stories about sexual misconduct, in particular those about Harvey Weinstein.

Screen Actors Guild represents 160.00 actors. The union reported that with media companies ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox agreed to castings in such private settings. It is part of a new, tentative collective bargaining agreement, which the board of directors of the union has yet to bend.

The measure follows on the great outcry that arose after stories about sexual misconduct within the film industry and beyond. In particular about the film producer Harvey Weinstein, who used his power several times would have used for sexual pleasure. By the Weinstein affair was the #MeToo movement.

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