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Cardano launches Ariadne: the Open Source Ada Wallet for developers

ea65c626e3c42bcb763fe1a934484d6a - Cardano launches Ariadne: the Open Source Ada Wallet for developers

Cardano supporters were in the past often faced with the Problem to be able is not a suitable Alternative to the official Daedalus Wallet. Therefore, the Entwicklertum worked intensively during the past months, to now Ariadne, the first Open-Source Ada Wallet present.

First of all, the Cardano Team wanted to solve the Problem, that until today there is no Linux Ada-Wallet. During the development of the Linux Beta of Daedalus to work for Ariadne published IOHK. The Team decided that Ariadne is more than just a normal Wallet.

The Ariadne Open Source Wallet has been programmed by developers for developers. The Cardano Team believes that Innovation in Blockchain-technologies is only through Open-Source contributions.

Cardano wanted to deal also with the problems which users are faced with the stocks of their Crypto in General, fast, efficient and error-free manage. Therefore, developed Cardano, both a TUI Version with a robust command language, as well as a user-friendly GUI Version (which will be published later), which will offer additional features.

Users can now download the Ariadne Alpha Version of this website. At this point it should be noted that this version of the software may still contain errors. The following Video of the developer “Serokell” in front of the Wallet shortly.

The rate of Cardano is at the time of writing at € 0.16 recorded a price decline of – 8,20 percentage points. With a market capitalization of close to 4.17 billion euros, Cardano currencies still occupies the 8th place of the greatest Crypto in the world. The reasons for the sudden Flash Crash, we have discussed in this article.

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