Brides of Lucifer brings new album out now!

acd961c3c73043a30196d72ed6abfa9d - Brides of Lucifer brings new album out now!

Every summer, the cracks metalgitaren traditionally the heavens open Championships, but still were the 13 Brides of Lucifer, who, last summer, the most Graspopstof did shortly.

Brides of Lucifer, come on now, one year later, to the outside with their self-titled debut album. The band brings a tribute to the metal music and this with remarkable, surprising, haunting, and bold versions of songs of o.a. Pantera, Dio, Slayer, and many other metaliconen. And that this album stir by doing so! Brides of Lucifer drew as a young, new Belgian band immediately at the American Major Label RHINO.

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