Annelien Coorevits and Olivier Deschacht re-married

007227e4d57d0a8655c40354919c000a - Annelien Coorevits and Olivier Deschacht re-married

Again, punishment news about Annelien Coorevits and Olivier Deschacht; they are Saturday in the biggest secret-married, this time to the church. Annelien Coorevits and Olivier Deschacht were married on 10 november of last year for the law but for the ceremony in the church they decided to wait until after the football season. Saturday was the day and again chose the couple for an intimate ceremony. For the church ceremony had the couple, however, what people invited. But the press was not really welcome, not even the photographer who is in command of photos came. The couple and their suite arrived in an old Volkswagen van. The couple was barely in the picture because the van with the bride drove up just for the church. “The bride and groom preferred not to pose for the cameras, and the celebration in all serenity experience”, we read on . In addition to the family were, among others, Thomas Buffel and Yves Vanderhaeghe.

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