Actress Sarah Paulson (43) let eggs freezing

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Sarah Paulson, who has a relationship with the 75-year-old actress Holland Taylor, still don’t know if they ever want to be a mother. Therefore, she has her eggs to freeze.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

“I love children, but I am very impulsive. I was very afraid that if I have children would take that I regret,” says the 12 Years a Slave actress at Bang Showbiz. “But because I also am not sure and I have no regrets that I never had a family, am starting, I have to be sure my eggs to freeze.”

“People look at me and Holland and thinking right away that I have mommy issues. But I care just as much for her as she for me, so that it is not at all. I’ve just always had older friends had. I think a lot of people wrong to older people, and I’m lucky that I can be with someone who is so much older and wiser than I am.”

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