Woman that Anne Frank kept died

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LONDON – born in Poland, Gena Turgel, who several concentration camps survived, at the age of 95 died. Turgel was covered more in the former Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she is Anne Frank well.

Gena Turgel (archive view 2001)

The Holocaust Educational Trust, who to youth education about the Holocaust, made the death known, but did not say where in Kraków born Turgel is killed. The organization writes that Turgel on hundreds of thousands of schools in Britain, and talked about what they had in the war had experienced.

Gena Turgel was 16 when the Germans on 1 september 1939 invaded Poland. During the war she was in Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners. Afterwards she was transferred to the concentration camp Buchenwald, and then she came in Bergen-Belsen.

There, she tended to include Anne Frank. ,,I washed her face and gave her water to drink,” said Turgel earlier told the BBC. She later married the British soldier Norman Turgel, who at the liberation of Bergen-Belsen was involved. They settled then in Great Britain. Norman Turgel passed away years ago.

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