‘With questions you can always Messi”

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Nicolas Tagliafico is competing next month at the side of Lionel Messi for the world championship. Telesport spoke with the linkerverdediger of Ajax.

Lionel Messi during a training session of Argentina.

How special was it for the first time with Messi to play?

“Impressive. He is the best player of the world, but especially a very special man. The first training, I was mainly watching him. But that alien level, get used to it.”

He comes across as a quiet boy.

“That’s for sure, he is: very, very quiet. In the spelershotel he goes, especially his own. And the peace that he has trips, he is also out on the field.”

But he goes well with his teammates?

“Yes, one hundred percent. With questions you can always with Lionel. He is the great, natural leader of the group.”

In Argentina, there is criticism that he is with FC Barcelona is much better than in the Argentine national team. You can get some of that?

“I think this is mainly a thing of the past, thanks to Lionel and no one else are we on this world cup. We have a very difficult qualification behind it, but knew it just in time to run.”

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