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Tron (TRX) Main Net is not impressed, hopes are still there

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Tron (TRX) long-awaited Mainnet was recently released, however, the price of the currency fell in the past seven days to more than 2%, which is the currency gives the worst performance of all the Top 10 crypto-currency.

Many crypto-enthusiasts expected significant positive price movements with this development-Upgrade, but the General bearish mood in the crypto market kept prices below expectations.

The new Mainnet, which is also under the name of Odyssey 2.0, was released on Wednesday at 12:00 UTC, and TRX in the value of $ 4 billion from the originally used in the Ethereum Blockchain by switching to Odyssey 2.0.

Many crypto-enthusiasts now assume that the price will rise at the end of the month, when the Token exchange on the 22. June is running.

Currently, the Tron Team, led by Justin Sun is trying to form “super-representatives”, this was supposed to take about a month and is run by elections. After this, the “super-representatives” to be able to consensus.

The founder of the currency tweeted:

Tron, the new Mainnet should perform to be able to 10,000 transactions per second, Ethereum is currently capable of running only 25 transactions per second.

Adding to that, coins are regularly dug out of the ground, in order to drive price in the amount, and transactions are free of charge and developers have the Chance to get some rewards from a $1 billion Dollar reward-reserves-Pool, if you contribute to the development of the platform, or an application for the platform develop. Currently, these claims appear to be unrealistic, when you consider that the entire platform is still in the Pilot Phase.

Tron, however, have a lot of work to do if it really wants to overtake to try and Ethereum. Justin Sun, however, is optimistic:

“Our Team maintains a high Standard of excellence while we are on the way to a public Mainstream Blockchain. The step to a Mainnet will open new doors to better Express Lanes, scaling and commercialisation, which are required for the global dApp-development and it easier for developers of Ethereum.“

Good times ahead

Although the prices are still experiencing a negative trend, the enthusiast confident that Tron will soon make good business, with the expectation of an Explosion of Dapps in the Tron network. A of Tron proposed credit in the amount of US $ 100,000 to a developer, the Dapps on the Blockchain, will certainly trigger the Explosion of Dapp.

The funds will be directed to Dapps developers, with a focus on Social Media, games, Pay Apps and other useful applications that can attract a huge clientele across the world.

As soon as the Public begins to use these applications, more and more people on the reliability of the Tron Blockchain’s attention, attract more developers and to affect the TRX-prices positive.

The value of the Blockchain, however, depends on the number of Dapps. Tron could be seen within of this year, an increase of up to $ 1.

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