This football legend was spotted in Amsterdam!

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The world-famous Brazilian football player Ronaldinho has Saturday, the Dutch capital is visited. Reports that AT5. Walking through the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, he was by several people addressed that just get in touch with the football hero in the picture wanted.

Ronaldinho is in Amsterdam

Also in restaurant “Chicano” ’s managed Ronaldinho barely, and took a quiet bite to eat, because also there, he was willing to have their picture taken with the fans that made him recognized. The two security guards that surround him, allow.

Why the ex-footballer of Barcelona and AC Milan exactly in Amsterdam, is not known. The obvious jokes are fast ingekopt: he will be in onderhandling with Ajax. Be that as it may; now Ronaldinho in January of this year decided to quit professional football, he has all the opportunity in our capital city of the flowers outside.

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