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The first Token on XRP baseline Ripple is not thrilled

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Ripple is in contrast to Ethereum actually not known for that Token to be developed on the Basis of the Ripple Distributed Ledger technology. With Allvor a project delivers on the market, which is this change and the benefits of the Ripple technology.

Allvor describes itself as the first crypto currency with a focus on the trade of products and services, based on the XRP Ledger. This Allvor would like to use the “superior” technology of the XRP Ledger, in order to get crypto-currencies in the commercial area, where buyers use the currency actually used for payment of Goods.

This Allvor Tools programming, combining the XRP Ledger with the technological resources of dealers from the E-Commerce field. The goal is the development of Payment Gateways which accept traders allows you to make payments in ALV.

In the white paper, the Allvor Team of (freely translated):

In the next few years, the best and most consistent Blockchain will integrate technologies, the various layers and protocols used for the implementation of financial and business transactions needed to be transparent and work with them. The Allvor project will focus on the development and promotion of the development of such integrations in order to promote the widespread use of the ALV-Tokens together with the systems that support the trading of products and services, from virtual Stores to large E-Commerce companies.

Allvor has its own native Token named ALV. The Token can be used with XRP in Ripple Wallet stored. This means that the ALV Token in a regular Ripple Wallet and sent can be managed. About the Wallet, it should be possible for users to buy products and services, and to sell, by using the Ripple Wallet.

In contrast to other crypto-currencies Allvor will not do the crowd sale, in order to achieve financing for the project. Instead, the tokens are distributed over an Airdrop. This is mainly due to the 28. March 2018. Each has held to this point in time Ripple in a Wallet, you can receive the free of ALV-Token.

This is my public Ripple address must be entered on the website of Allvor (>>here). The initial Token Supply should be done through the free distribution to Ripple Accounts. All ALV-Token to be placed in addition, according to project requirements up to 2030 in the circulation.

Although the Team uses the technology of Ripple, it is important to know that it is Allvor an independent project, not sponsored by Ripple or supported. Since it is the Ripple technologies is an Open Source project, anyone can use the technology and their own programming to implement. Nevertheless, the Ripple of the idea seems a little amazed at how the response of a Ripple-speaker to Coindesk, shows (freely translated):

XRP Ledger is an Open Source and decentralized platform. Thus, the people can create everything what you want, but Ripple is not interested to apply for ICOs on the Ledger or support.

Whether the Allvor project is serious and whether it will be successful, it is currently difficult to assess. The project is still very young and unknown. For example, the ALV-Token at Coinmarketcap with no listing and thus no price.

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