The first royal guard with a turban

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London – Particular details during the parade on the occasion of the 92nd birthday of British queen Elisabeth: one of the royal guards was not wearing the traditional fur cap, but a turban.

Lall between his legerkameraden during the parade.

It is going to be the in the Punjab born Charanpreet Singh Lall, a 22-year-old Sikh in 2016 when the British army went. Lall, who lives in Leicester, is the first participant in the parade, the traditional berenmuts may be replaced by another hat.

The soldier realises that there is on him is given. “I just hope that the people who are looking to acknowledge and consider it as a new change.” He further said: “I hope that more people like me, not only Sikhs but also other religions and backgrounds, are encouraged to enter the army.”

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