Suspected of murder fugitive extradited to Germany

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An Iraqi-Kurdish man, suspected of the murder of a German teenage girl who was Saturday by the Kurdish Autonomous Region in Iraq extradited to Germany. The defendant is a flight at 16.30 local time, departed at the airport of Erbil.

The German news agency on the authority of sources. Official confirmation of the Kurdish Autonomous Region is not there.

The murder of the 14-year-old girl, Susanna, who on may 22 was gone, made in Germany for new commotion about the migration policy. The suspect, 20-year-old refugee Ali B., would the girl have killed and then with his family from Germany departed on may 31. Friday he was arrested in the Kurdish province of Doehok.

After his arrest would Ali B. appeared before an investigating judge and admitted that he was the girl murdered by her”, says Tarik Ahmed, head of the police in Doehok.


According to Ahmed, would Ali B. and Susanna together on the step, and drugs and drink have used. Afterwards, it would be a fight where the girl threatened to get the police to notify and Ali B. her then killed.

Susanna was not at home in Mainz after they spent time with friends in the neighboring Wiesbaden. Her body was hidden in Wiesbadens Erbenheim district, where Ali B. and his family stayed in a shelter for refugees.

Protest march

Several protests were Saturday planned in Mainz, the occasion of the murder case. Among other things, the anti-immigratiepartij AFD (Alternative für Deutschland) organized a demonstration under the motto ‘Enough is enough!”.

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