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Stoffel Vandoorne after mistake against the wall: “it was a good day”

b1b56bca9fd674feec3fad74196a5129 - Stoffel Vandoorne after mistake against the wall: "it was a good day"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne drove yesterday during the second training session in Canada against the wall. Vandoorne had to take his car early on the side but it was according to him a good day.

“It was actually a pretty good day today,” said Vandoorne yesterday. “I was a little unhappy with the wall during the second training session, making the day early on sat. Generally, however, it was positive. We were fairly competitive during two practice sessions. During the second training session reason we’re not really the hypersoft. If all that you take into account you may speak of a good day and I look forward to tomorrow (today).”

McLaren again had some new parts brought for making yesterday a lot of time and attention was devoted to the evaluation of this.

“The balance of the car was up and down, we tried many things on both cars. That was good to have the new parts to know better. Tomorrow (today) we will be all good samenzetten in a configuration, and I am confident that we will do it right.”

“In this circuit, you need to make a compromise. There are a lot of long straight stretches and there are a lot of narrow chicanes where the car is also good to do.”

Vandoorne also admitted that it is against the wall driving his own fault.

“When I got to the wall fell was not because something was wrong, I was simply something to be ambitious. I hit the wall and unfortunately, I had thereby a flat tire. In spite of that felt the car and we drove to a nice number of laps,” decided Vandoorne.

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