Socialemediaoverzicht: Famke Louise fluctuates and Bibi shows belly

edfee80c07fdf9a5c5cb634100eb1ef0 - Socialemediaoverzicht: Famke Louise fluctuates and Bibi shows belly

What have the CELEBRITIES this week in their leisure hours? Every week place an overview of the best photo’s that star over the past week have shared.

Famke Louise on the swing

Famke Louise says as swaying about her new tune, called Snakes. Her exes don’t need to resort to feel; the song is not about them.

Bibi’s tummy

Bibi Breijman and Waylon made at the end of april known a child to be expected and on Instagram placed Bibi is a picture showing a novice babybuik to see.

Of jeugdfoto to body decoration

Actress Jelka van Houten has a new tattoo, and a very special. She has a jeugdfoto of her and sister Carice in tekeningvorm on her arm. “I and my dear sister Carice on my arm.”

Learned young…

Jax, the son of skater Kjeld Nuis, is already at a young age to the beer. But, rest assured: it is a drink without alcohol.

Wild hair

Nice news for Dunya & Desie-actress Eva van de Wijdeven: she is nominated for ‘Best Hair Icon 2018’. This joyous news she shares with a selfie in which her curly hairstyle suits.

Soft and sweet

Katja Schuurman – just as many other Dutch people, well under the impression of kickbokser Rico Verhoeven, who on Wednesday met during the Young Impact Celebration event. “Dear Rico, I am impressed by how soft and sweet you are.”

A tough

Douwe Bob goes, just as a large part of the Netherlands, with the warm weather barbecues. On the menu is a roast kippetje, and the singer has a next “victim” is already selected.

Geruchtenmachine at full speed

The is abuzz with rumors that Famke Louise and rapper Ronnie Flex the latest known liefdeskoppel forms. The two share the last days of arranged photos that they see each other.


Jan Versteegh was eight months ago, the father of daughter Lulu German spitz and has since been a bit less on television. One of his best friends, BNN presenter Geraldine Kemper, came in Jan to visit with the couple in the garden to enjoy.


Nick & Simon-singer Nick Schilder is now the father of three children. But occasionally one-on-eenmomenten with them, he finds, as witnessed by this photo, also important.


3FM dj Domien Verschuuren can not be blamed that he has no self-mockery. “Finally more zentijd received,” says the radio host who has a picture of a relaxing moment to share.


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