So fights Victoria scheidingsgeruchten

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On social media attracts Victoria Beckham, after rumours about a separation everything out of the closet to the image of a happy family.

Victoria and David Beckham at a wedding where, however, the love of afspatte: that of prince Harry and Meghan

With a photo of daughter Harper (6) she writes the same day: “Ochtendknuffels, kiss, so much love. We love you and miss you, David Beckham.” Her husband and father of her children is currently in Miami for the to start with his own football team.

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The day after the internet volstroomde with the messages that it will soon be over and out between David and Victoria Beckham, she adds a familiekiekje to her account. “Have fun at dinner and kisses from all of us.” And all seems also this message is addressed directly to her husband, with a number of significant hearts, it is likely that the meanwhile, an equally clear message to the outside world.

Painful enough it seems David on social media no message of the sweet messages from his wife. He loves the business, with a sponsorship mail for his line of skincare products. Misleading also seems to be the post before that, which he nota bene the out wedding clothes of him and Victoria offers for sale.

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So looked Victoria Beckham as acid at the wedding of Harry and Meghan

But that turns out to be a noble action, in which they united forces. The proceeds of their faithful outfits is going to a fund for the victims of the attack in Manchester. Who’s hand knows how to make, so it has the outfits a marriage that not only dominated the headlines at the start, but also to a supposed end.

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