SEE: Toddler Ice-T raps in action father

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Chanel Nicole, the 2-year-old daughter of Ice-T and Coco Austin, is clearly a big fan of her father. The toddler raps smoothly along during a concert of Body Count and Ice-T in Hamburg.

Ice-T and his daughter Chanel enjoy after the concert of a bag of Cheetos

“This little girl has no podiumvrees,” writes Coco in a series of videos on Instagram. “We gave her a speelgoedmicrofoon have to participate.”

Dressed in a Minnie Mouse t-shirt climb up a Chanel to the stage, after her father, the toddler, and invited him to accompany them. After a brief conversation with Ice-T where he proposes to the public, put the band a new number. The little toddler keeps himself very brave standing between all this musical violence and moves carefully to the beat, while she merrily along raps.

“She sings now with the text ‘don’t give a fuck’? Fun”, as there is between the responses to read. A lot of other followers, are particularly concerned about her hearing, because they have no visible protection is wearing. The majority of the reactions is, however, about how extremely cute the girl is.

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