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Robby Cobbaert rounds ploegwerk handsome and win Straight through the Flemish Ardennes

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The 27-year-old Robby Cobbaert (Cibel-Cebon) Saturday the fifth edition of Straight through the Flemish Ardennes (cat.1.2), with start and arrival after 200 kilometres in the East Flanders Erpe-Mere, won. Robby Cobbaert took it after a bunch sprint of Gerry Druyts and Edward Planckaert.

From the start, it rained attacks. After the climb of the Eikenberg, halfkoers formed a leading group with eight riders. That was Jimmy Janssens, Lennert Reins, Aimé De Gendt, Daan Soete, Quinten Hermans, Jasper to The Late, Lionel Taminiaux and Jens van den Dool. They sprokkelden quickly ahead on the basis of a one and a half minute. Lionel Taminiaux hung for a while, the rekker and had the kasseizone of the Haaghoek, 80 km from the place, his companions final drive. Also Quinten Hermans and Jens van den Dool could, during the climb of the Muur van Geraardsbergen, the high pace up front not to follow. So we kept at 65 kilometers from the finish, only five escapees.

Five riders, Kenny Molly, Piotr Havik, Piet Allegaert, Connor Swift and Jérôme Baugnies moved in the counter-attack on the breakaway. With 42 miles ahead, we got a merger between the two groups. Not for long, however. Aimé De Gendt accelerated and got Jasper to The Late and Jérôme Baugnies in support. They started on the three local laps of each 10.7 kilometres with a lead of 25 seconds on the peloton. In the large group transformed the men of Cibel-Cebon most of the work. With 17 kilometers to go, we got again a compact peloton. Just before the start of the final lap, thought Guillaume Van Keirsbulck his time and accelerated. He was on 7 kilometers from the finish, however, seized him, and in the ensuing bunch sprint let Robby Cobbaert everyone behind.

Cobbaert following the Australian Cameron Meyer as eindlaureaat of Straight through the Flemish Ardennes. His first UCI victory this year after he already finished third in the third stage of the Flèche du Sud, the Luxembourg 2.2 stage race.

“My team delivered good work”

“My team gave, indeed, a suit to work. Each time did my teammates managed an escape in the bud. And so it came to a bunch sprint in which my map was drawn”, and suggested Cobbaert. “I’m already a few weeks fantastically well and it was this arrival to me really written on your body.”

“It was very nervous to during the final kilometer but the two slight turns-meant that on a ribbon was drawn,” continued Robby Cobbaert. “Ideal for me. The slopes were that disintegration came in the pack but they are too far from the finish so that everything is together again. It was fortunate for me. I could sufficiently recover to finish in the sprint.”

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