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R3, according to anonymous sources at the end of

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The company R3 should stand in front of the financial. According to former employees who wish to remain anonymous will depend on the fate of the enterprise greatly from the process against Ripple. Within the company, rumors that early next year, will buy R3 up exist.

The Blockchain technology is very currencies are independent of Bitcoin and other Crypto for banks interesting. Special awareness has to the Bank consortium to R3, which the former Bitcoin developer Mike Haern followed by the beginning of 2016. With an emotional letter of this adopted from the Bitcoin Community, and expected her to have a speedy end.

The 2014-launched company had a great Start, but suffered in the last few years, several low blows. Recently, the R3 came back with a suit against Ripple in the headlines. Statements of the company, according to the Ripple should sell the company five billion XRP at a reasonable price. This has denied the Ripple.

R3, in the end, sales in the first quarter of 2019? reported that according to anonymous former employees, the R3 financially in the end. The financial goals of the company Far exceeded. The realized revenues will only amount to ten percent of the target.

These dwindling revenues, the continued high cost of employees and company locations should be compared to. Should the company lose the lawsuit against Ripple, would be discussed according to the anonymous sources, even a sale of the company in the first quarter.

The R3-developed Blockchain-solution by the name of Corda must face competing Distributed Ledger solutions, such as Ripple or Hyper Ledger Fabric. Currently, these seem to gain in contrast to the Corda popularity.

One reason is the low number of developers is supposed to be behind the project. The actual number should not absolutely correspond to the R3 specified 1.300. A former employee even claimed that only three people would work on the Code behind Corda.

The company contested these allegations against According to Charley Cooper, a Managing Director, is said to have exceeded the company sales objectives. Similarly, 50 developers are currently working on Corda and much more in an Advisory capacity.

The crypto scene is considered the debate with a pinch of irony: On the one hand, R3 has lost an important Partner as the sand of the other and JPMorgan. On the other hand, Bitcoin has since the departure of Mike Haern an increase of about 2,000 percent. Not bad for a “failed Experiment”.

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