Preview of the exciting Home finale

86b5ad97c72eac75036472d94199a82a - Preview of the exciting Home finale

Millions of Flemish people watched the last season to my Home. Some episodes moved more than 1.5 million viewers, as the episodes in which Kaat after the toetakeling by Kobe in the hospital finds, or which An the marriage of Tom and Judith have ruined. Unexpected intrigue and fascinating plots certainly no lack over the past year.

Next week on Thursday 14 June is the time for a thrilling Home final. In the following episodes, the viewers with several questions to face. These five storylines to keep everyone in advance to best in the gaps:
1. Will Stan with his behavior is still chunks?
Since Stan Tom is withdrawn, it goes from bad to worse with his attitude. He behaves as a spoiled youth who all permitteert. In a confrontation with Leo, he pulls out with pain words about Marianne and picks up Leo. He gives Stan a slap in the face. Just at that moment, Tom is home and he chooses immediately to the side of Stan. Tom wants to be on a good paper stand in Stan. But what does that mean for the behavior of Stan? He will still be chunks?

2. Waldek is in despair. Who is She really?
It was Waldek all: a marriage, a new home and a perfect family. That, however, seems far away now Waldek the confirmation of Judith that it was not possible for the father of Zoë. A thousand questions go through his head and the only person who answers it may give, leave, just at that moment know that they are very late at home. Has Mayra wetness felt, and stores them on the flight? Will Waldek ever know who She really is?

3. Manages the plan of Kobe?
Kobe has made it clear that Steven is a wrong choice, by Karin. However his father does not listen and therefore take Kobe action yourself. He wants Rosa and Steven back together. The first part of his plan is already a success: Rosa and Steven confirm their appointment with Kobe. How will Steven and Rosa react when they meet again? Cross Karin a stick for the plan of Kobe? And, not unimportant: what is the choice of Steven himself?

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