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Press release: Are you ready to miss a Chance? Game Stars 20% Bonus ends in 3 days

c2056a5892a5701907ea00a3f264fea8 - Press release: Are you ready to miss a Chance? Game Stars 20% Bonus ends in 3 days

You might think: “What can be so bad about that, if I buy the tokens?”. Honestly, nothing really bad. Apart from that, you have no more Chance of the 20% Bonus for Game Stars token. The next stage of the Token sale offers a 10% Bonus. Thereafter, the Token will be the only crypto-currency exchanges available.

The Winklevoss brothers would probably agree, and their successful early investment in Bitcoin, the 1 billion of assets brought in a $, definitely repeat. GST can be your personal Bitcoin. Are you waiting for? Read more and find out what they knew beforehand about Game Stars.

The game stars Blockchain platform gives you the opportunity to earn a living from eSports money. The GST-Token form, together with the Smart-Contracts are the basis for the entire platform. The Smart-Contracts will be published for each registered player and give the player a Token. These tokens can be purchased for GST. Thus, the player receives financial support for professional development and a Sponsor – a portion of the income.

“The early bird catches the worm”

The sooner you in a crypto currency to invest, the higher the income you will receive. GST has a step-by-step development plan that increases the value:

1. The tokens are output once in the amount of 500 million GST.
2. The presale phase has been sold out completely.
3. More than 4,800 players have already made requests for the issuance of a Smart-Contracts.
4. Already 14.285 professional users who sign up for the platform, will cause a lack of Tokens.
5. After the end of Token Sales will be GST listed on partner exchanges (including YoBit and WEX).

For more information on the Token, the sale and the project itself, refer to the section F. A. Q.

“The more you wait, the more you lose”

If you do not participate now, the Game Stars Token Sale, the Chance 20% Bonus to get tokens and earn later money. GST will constantly grow in value and there will be no Chance to buy them at this price.

The project has already collected over 174 ETH and 63 BTC. Game Stars is supported by the Gaming Community, world-renowned Crypto-Exchanges, former Google and Cisco experts. The platform offers unique solutions for the eSports market and its participants:

• Players will receive their payments in full and on time
• Sponsors can support promising players and get a share of the profits
• The rights of all participants in the market are protected through the use of Smart Contracts
• Token-holder can earn on the sale of GST at a higher rate of money

The white paper of the project, explains in Detail why the platform will be in demand in the eSports industry, and GST-Token will occupy an important Position in the crypto-currency portfolio.

Follow the news of the Game’s Stars-project and take part in the Token Sale on the official Website. The 20% Bonus is only up to 13. June 2018 valid. Subscribe to the Social Media accounts and stay tuned.

– The Game Stars Team

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