People with striking eyebrows often narcissistic

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Toronto – Eyebrows are an important point in the face and say more about people than you would think. People with large eye-catching eyebrows, possess more narcissistic characteristics of persons with thinner specimens.

This is evident from a study conducted at the University of Toronto. The study was published in the magazine The Journal of Personality. Reports RTL News.


Narcissism is a form of behavior that is characterized by a certain obsession with one’s own personality, egoism, dominance, ambition and lack of empathy.

People who spend a lot of time to keep up with their thick eyebrows according to the researchers, more narcissistic characteristics.


The Narcissistic Personality Inventory is a test to the degree of narcissism to measure respondents. The researchers took photos of the persons that scored high on this test. Then we focused on the eyebrows and what seemed to be: how remarkable the eyebrows, the more narcissistic personality traits.

According to the researchers, this is because striking eyebrows well to recognize and remember. “They make sure that they by other people, be remembered and be loved.”

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