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Oostende wins a convincing first finalematch against Antwerp Giants

964f660794f57cb8e1de2e4b045b0e22 - Oostende wins a convincing first finalematch against Antwerp Giants

With smooth game play, lots of inside strength, and a secure finish took defending champions Oostende very quickly away from challenger Antwerp Giants. The rest was this good in its final fold. The state after a 75-67 victory 1-0 in this finalereeks.

Five Ostend gunmen forced coach Moors at 12-4 early in the fifth minute of time out. Fieler and Jekiri pushed through to 16-4.De Antwerpenaars halveerden that difference towards the end of the openingskwart: 21-15. Ostend gunde Antwerp no chance to get closer to. Darden and Vanwijn could Myers just wrong stop. With 9 to 11 vrijworpen he put 36-21-figures in the seventeenth minute on the board. Then heard Mihailovic his third error. It prevented Salumu not to nice assists from Djordjevic. Twice committed Akyazili also an error on the MVP of the league. Salumu used one bonusvrijworp. The result was a remarkable man in his twenties: 41-21 after 18’37”. Jekiri dunkte the 43-25-rutscore in the basket. The difference in efficiency between the two finalists was very high: 58 % as opposed to 26 % to veldkorven.

Kesteloot opened the third quarter, but Lee and Clark milderden to 47-36. Djordjevic and Fieler driepunterden to 53-38 but a bit later whistled ref Beck a light granted fourth error at Fieler. His replacement seemed to Oostende is not right to interfere. Jekiri sat at 59-39 once again a man in his twenties on the board. The story of the first final was written. A bomb Lasisi provided the maximum difference of 25 units at 70-45. Then smukten Lee and Dudzinski the figures somewhat. The 75-67-end position gives the Giants confidence for the remainder of the series. Monday night is Antwerp Giants host for the second duel.

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