No goal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS without video evidence

fbb6c7fa1e7ae5ca2261b7cae10fa086 - No goal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS without video evidence

Videoarbiters will be at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia after every goal also to check whether there was offside.

Frank Lampard scores during the 2010 world cup, but the hit is never counted.

That told scheidsrechtersbaas Massimo Shot of the FIFA Saturday during the opening of the control room for video evidence in Moscow.

It is for the first time videoscheidsrechters are active on a world cup. They work during the global finals in teams of four and have the decision about the images of 33 tv-cameras. Videoarbiters their colleague on the field to further advise you on four basic elements: goals, penalties, red cards, and if by accident the wrong player a card.

Massimo Shot of the FIFA.

Only one of the four referees will be from the control room to communicate with the referee on the field. Two of his assistants to evaluate tricky situations from different angles. The fourth videoscheidsrechter acts as a touch judge. He needs to prevent a goal is made after a buitenspelpositie on the field.

Danny Makkelie is one of the thirteen videoscheidsrechters at the world cup, working from the control room, which is located in the International Broadcast Center IBC in the west of Moscow.

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