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Martinez tries to print to keep: “We’re not going to the world cup to become world champion”

8dbb3328780bdf4d8031cbebce3f7f48 - Martinez tries to print to keep: “We're not going to the world cup to become world champion”

Coach Roberto Martinez dares or the words world champion in the mouth, but much more than that, it is not. The Spaniard says that he wants to try to work with the Red Devils to become a world champion, but claims that Belgium has not been to Russia draws to be crowned world champion. “We have a strong group and we will make another chance at the world title because we are qualified. But we are not going to Russia to win a world CHAMPIONSHIP, but to try it,” he said in an interview with Le Soir.

About the current ‘golden’ generation of the Red Devils is just about everything has been said and written. The pressure is rising. After two quarter-finals at the past two major tournaments, the bar is now higher for them. Coach Roberto Martinez goes in there and has it in Le Soir is not about the purpose of the Devils. “Our first goal is to be as good as possible to play. If there is a team better than we do and as we have done, we will accept defeat.”

Martinez says that the people must not expect everything to be perfect will do at the world cup. “We should not expect that we with 3-0 will win against Panama. A world cup that does not happen and if it does, that is rather exceptional. There can be only one of the 32 countries at the title address. We make chance, because we are qualified. That can the Netherlands and Italy all say no more. But we are not going to Russia to become world champion, but to try it.”

Unexpectedly, two years additional

The 44-year-old Spaniard says he is at his appointment is not expected to be longer than two years coach. A while ago extended Martinez’s contract until after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. “I thought the work in a national team is less interesting than at a club. But I found the youth and the possibility of the future, to prepare ever more fascinating. The voetbalvond came with the proposal for my contract to renew, and I thought that the national team would be a good thing for my work to continue,” said Martinez in Le Soir.

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