Lotto winner ignored the advice son

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New York – The son of the 56-year-old Tayeb Souami said: dad, stop with that nonsense with the buy of lottery tickets.

Tayeb Souami not listening to his son; bought a lottery ticket and won a mega-amount.

But good that he is that advice in the wind hit since he won last week 315 million (!) dollars (282 million euros) in the New Jersey Powerball jackpot.

“Father’s know the always better,” laughed the African immigrant on Friday at the handing over of the cheque.

The father of two children arrived in 1996 in the USA.

Souami was on the way to the car wash, when he decided again a lot to buy at the 7-Eleven. The next day in the supermarket fell open his mouth, when he heard that the numbers 3, 6, 9, 17, 56 and the powerball 25 him a multi-millionaire.

His hands were shaking so that the two hours it took to fill out the form, writes the New York Post.

Souami played for 21 years, and in all kinds of lotteries. His 20-year-old son was always against because he would never win’.

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