Lily Allen was sexually abused

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The British singer Lily Allen has admitted that she is a victim of sexual abuse. Although they are the offender directly reported to her record label, they have never helped.

Lily Allen

“I find it difficult to discuss the abuse and talk, because it’s about people with whom I work,” tells All in an interview with i News. “It’s going to be people who have a large influence on my career.”

“I like Rose McGowan immediately reported, women also. But no one did! My record label only focuses on the money. They could more to that person money than me, so they have the cover up stopped.”

“In the film industry, you can at least choose whether you still have that sort of people together to work. You can move to the other side of the world. But in the music industry. Whether you’re in London or Los Angeles lives, you work with the same people. Moreover, you’re also stuck with the contracts of fifteen years.”

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