‘Kashia choose American adventure’

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Guram Kashia choose for an adventure in the United States. The Vitesse captain is in far-reaching negotiations with San Jose Earthquakes.

Guram Kashia

“I’m almost 31 and maybe it’s a good time to be a new way to store and search for the adventure”, known Kashia mentioned earlier.

It will be for the Georgian no final farewell of Vitesse. “If I leave, then Sprint in my heart. This is my club. I have spent my career dedicated to Vitesse and this club gave it all to me. I took all the opportunities given and therefore I can be who I am now. In addition, I always appreciation and love felt. That stops all suddenly when I would go away. This club is in my heart and if I leave, I hope I ever get the chance to get to return. That I would love it.”

Vitesse had already taken into account with a departure from Kashia. Rasmus Thelander was already attracted to the Vitesse captain to replace.

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