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Justin Sun: The man responsible for the Tron’s success

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There is no doubt that the mere Power of speculation crypto-influenced currencies, and to bring them to a success or failure. There are also several Blockchain projects, the success of which is clearly caused by the work, the Team and the leadership behind it.

A good example of this is Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron. Sun is a former apprentice of Jack Ma, which is the co-founder of the Chinese E-Commerce giant Alibaba.

Mr. Sun was only 26 years old when he was studying invited by Jack Ma in person at the University of Hupan; Mr Ma personally-based Institution. It is hard to exaggerate this achievement, because this year, only forty students were admitted, and this is in Hangzhou, China, a country of billions of people. So, Mr Sun was able to direct Mr Ma study, the personally holds at Hupan lectures, and Justin Sun as a protégé.

After graduation, Dr. Sun joined the University of Pennsylvania and then went back to China to establish Peiwo. Peiwo is for China, what is Snapchat for the Western world, it is likely to be even greater.

Peiwo has Audio-based Shows, to chat, the ability (they have so far completed more than four billion Chats) and includes more than ten million registered users, of which about a Million every month active. The App continues to grow.

Finally, he found crypto-currencies, and was immediately very interested. It wasn’t long until he was Chinese country representative for Ripple. However, this was not enough for him, so he decided to create his own crypto currency.

Tron’s creation

To start your own crypto currency is without a doubt not a simple business, especially in times where we are with Bitcoin and Ethereum are already strong competitors in the industry. Mr. Sun, however, has even bigger plans.

His Vision for the Blockchain, a fully decentralized Internet, so that any media can be linearized content, regardless of the company directly from the Creator of the content of Monet.

This is in particular a high target in a time, in the American corporate and political System that threatens net neutrality.

TRON needed to reach only six months after its founding, to a value of 3.5 billion US dollars.

Mr. Sun’s youth, proven track record of success, intelligence, leadership qualities and Charisma helped Tron to a very good reputation in China and around the world. Is impressed also CEO Xu Le, which Mr Sun is one of the most talented leaders does China’s and is based on the assumption that Mr Sun will be successful in the future.

At a time, subsides to the the Hype surrounding crypto-currencies, it is impressive that Tron is constantly relevant.

As Mr Sun Tron brought in the Top 10

In the last few months, each crypto-currency has seen its UPS and Downs. TRONs TRX-coin has, however, been throughout the year a steady price rise (even if TRX had fluctuations).

In April it was listed on Malaysia’s Coinbene crypto currency exchange. This will certainly help the performance of the crypto currency, since this is expected to increase the demand. Tronix (TRX) is already listed on some of the most important stock exchanges in the world such as Upbit, Bittrex or Huobi. The fact is, that more stock market listings lead to more potential for growth.

Mr Sun’s next step is to be on Coinbase listed.

“The community agrees with me here – it looks as if the TRX must be listed on another major stock exchange, before we can revolutionize the crypto-world, we are of course speaking of Coinbase, the “Holy Grail” of crypto exchanges.”

Rumors of an impending Coinbase collection have given the coin a boost, but that’s not all. Tron is to leave at the end of this month, the ERC-20 platform in favor of their own Mainnet. This has also caused a lot of excitement.

There is no doubt that Mr. Justin Sun is actually the man behind Trons spectacular rise is so (the company is not even a full year old). He is creative, competent and a role model for the entire crypto world.

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