Ivo Belet: ‘Kurz is no extremist’

d949a508a3ff7abf5ffce7b5bebca075 - Ivo Belet: 'Kurz is no extremist'

His hard approach explains Sebastian Kurz is already a success. In his own country he carried on hands and in Europe too, his star was rising. He is seen as one of the new leaders of the European people’s Party, the christian democratic group in the European Parliament to the right do move.

Wednesday and Thursday held the EPP congress in Munich. Kurz was one of the speakers and according to the Financial Times, he got much more applause than chancellor Angela Merkel. But that was not the experience of European Parliamentarian Ivo Belet. “I’m there two days and let it be clear: Merkel is still the undisputed leader of the European christian-democrats.’

Kurz spoke about his idea for a European asielcentrum outside the EU borders. Prevent: “He has a lot of questions about, since many members of parliament find it not a good idea. They also believe not that it is practically feasible. That wants to Kurz now reviewing. We will see how far he is with it. Our line and that of Merkel remains that we have the Dublin regulation reform. We remain convinced that this will succeed. Furthermore, we are going to the European external borders and strengthen with 9,000 additional Frontex guards and we want a Marshall plan for Africa.”

Prevent does not deny that Kurz’ star is rising. “That is logical. The man is intelligent, speaks well, and dares to go further than others. Nevertheless, I find him no extremist. He sets the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights is not in question and is not calling for pushbacks. Well, he takes positions that go further than those of Merkel, or of CD&V, but he determines not the line of the European christian-democrats. Also our leader, Manfred Weber, has contrast given. So, no, I feel not marginalized.’

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