It is almost time for the Deliciafeesten

634af378336f2d02ba049cb7c659934e - It is almost time for the Deliciafeesten

Gasthof Delicia is preparing for the Deliciafeesten. In the car park of the matter is there is a big tent and that on 30 June, 1 and 2 July.

On Saturday 30 June from 17 hours the Delicia’s Schlagerparade with Herbert Verhaeghe, The Stoempers, Luc Van Meeuwen, the singing bus driver Gery, Lindsay, Luc Steeno, Sergio, David Vandyck, and Swoop. The artists will be accompanied by The New Bis Band. Tickets cost € 25 in presale and € 30 at the box office, VIP’s pay € 90.

Sunday 1 July from 17 hours and there is Delicia Goes Classic 4. Jo Vally, Maarten Cox, and Ive Renaarts be accompanied by O. L. V. Koninklijke Fanfare The Werkmanszonen, Harmony The Volksgalm and Harmony The Broederband. Tickets cost € 10

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